Hi. My name is Maiah Watanabe and I am the new Little Miss Mojave 2009. This is my first pageant and I was so happy to be announced as the new Little Miss. It was a hard road to where I am today but it was worth every second. I enjoyed my days of practice with the other contestants and I wish we all could have won. But I am happy to be the one to represent my town of Mojave California and I look forward to many different activities with the first Princess. And now I'd like to tell you a little about myself and my family.

I was born September 7, 2001 in West Hills, Ca. I was born two months early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces. My mom had a rare condition that caused the fluid to evaporate. She was given a medication that would either replace the fluid or completely remove it. In my case, it removed it and she has to have an emergency C Section.But everything worked out OK for us. Thank God

Speaking of Thanking God, I am a proud Christian and my church family is Mojave Baptist Chapel, a sister church of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California. I recently asked God to be my saviour and know He plays a hand in all I do.

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