This is our page for special thank you's. Without these people, all this would not have been possible. And as more people get involved, the list will grow.

Kelly Herrington- Thank you so much for telling us about this and talking me into it. I never imagined it would turn out this wonderful and thanks for volunteering to help out this coming year. And thanks for the little extra's and time you've taken with her.

Chrissy Herrington- Thanks for being there for us and also helping to talk us into this. I know you have a lot of great idea's and with the Herrington's on our sides, we can't lose. You're so special, Aunt Chrissy. lol

Betty Watanabe- You were so great. Thanks for the dress and shoes and for the rest of the sponsorship money Maiah needed for the Little Miss Pageant and thank you for being there for her special day. We love you.

Sara, Stacee and Trina- Thank you so much for taking the time to work with the girls, and getting them ready for the pageant. I know you don't get enough Thank You's but you deserve them. We will treasure this time in our lives forever. Thank you again.

Ontario Airport Maintenance Yard- Thank you to the following at Ontario Airport Maintenance yard for their support:

Rosa Velez
Efrain Navarro
Myrta Tesso
Alfonso Navarro
Collin Concepcion
Alicia Garcia
Ray Guzman

Your help was so wonderful and we truly appreciate it.

Misc. Mojave Sponsors- Thank you also for your donations to Maiah. Your help was greatly appreciated and in tough times like these, you could have turned your backs but you didn't. Thank you very much and I hope Maiah makes you proud as she represents our little town.

Serene and Kai- Thank you for your patience and understanding during the practice phase and during her reigning year. I know there will be times when you feel you are on the back burner, but I hope you get involved with us. It will be fun for the whole family. We love you very much and are proud of all of you equally.

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